Introducing Wynberg Pilates Studio

The Wynberg Pilates Studio is owned and managed by Dudley Tomlinson, an internationally celebrated choreographer and ballet master. Dudley has a lifetime of experience, and has been responsible for the high calibre of skill and expertise that can be seen in the dedication and passion of his qualified, professional teachers.

The Wynberg Pilates Studio has three fully equipped studios, which overlook the private courtyard of Dudley’s Little Chelsea home, each providing an oasis of calm and relaxation from the stresses of modern day life. We were one of the very first Pilates studios to open its doors in Cape Town, 20 years ago, and we have since expanded from one small space to three beautiful and fully-equipped studios.

While our professional roots do run deep, we strive to remain at the forefront of movement therapies. Having watched countless fads come and go, we provide disciplines that we have found most effective for our clients. All the treatments at the Wynberg Pilates Studio require ongoing, extensive training for our teachers, and we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

What we offer

We offer an interesting, eclectic and effective range of classes and treatments, including the following:

  • GYROTONIC ® and GYROKINESIS ® Exercise Methods: these are new and popular exercise methods, and each one revolves around arching, curling & rotating the spine through every possible combination & plane of movement.
  • Pilates: this is our core exercise method, and we provide exercises that promote a stable spine and joints, correct alignment and improved posture and a sense of well-being and relief from pain.
  • Feldenkrais® Method: this revolutionary method provides assistance with poor posture, lack of flexibility and stiffness, rehabilitation following an injury and breathing difficulties.
  • Yoga: basic and advanced yoga classes for any level of expertise

If you would like more information on how the teachers at Wynberg Pilates Studio can help you, please feel free to visit our website or contact us directly. Let us help you achieve perfect calm!

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Class times differ each day.


Our Address:

18 Mortimer Road Wynberg 7800 Cape Town Western Cape South Africa


-34.00804514688296, 18.464951295106506

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