Introducing Speck Pumps

Speck Pumps is a globally renowned brand in the pool pumps industry. We are known for manufacturing and supplying quality pumps, filters, and more, for all kinds of pools, spas, and ponds. This brand has been supplying quality pool products to South Africans since 1969, allowing swimming pool owners to keep their pools sparkling and to enjoy it more.

We are proud of the growth that our company has experienced since we started operations in Cape Town in 1978 – all of the products which we have launched, under numerous brands, have proven to be extremely successful. By staying up to date with the latest developments and technologies in the industry, we provide clients with innovative products that are durable and super-efficient.

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    Our product range

    The products and services available from Speck Pumps are all offered with one goal in mind – to keep your pool in top condition, year-round.

    Our available products include:

    • Pool Pumps & Filters: we will assist you in choosing the right pump and filter to keep you pool sparkling.
    • Chlorinators: we offer cost-effective and low-maintenance saltwater chlorinators.
    • Pool Lights: various energy-saving LED-lights in a range of styles.
    • Pool Accessories: brushes, thermometers, rakes, and more.
    • Pool Cleaners: automatic, efficient pool cleaners.
    • Water saving products: to help South African save water, we sell water-saving products such as WaterGuard.

    When it comes to the maintenance of your pool, no matter its size, clients can rest assured that our products and advice are some of the most trusted available on the market. Visit our website for more detail.

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