Introducing Megs Mutts Rescue

Megs Mutts Rescue is a charity that specialises in the rescue and rehabilitation of abused, neglected or unwanted animals (mostly dogs). We take care of the animals until we can find suitable, loving and caring homes for them. Our organisation started 13 years ago, when we decided that all animals deserve a second chance to lead a happy, loving life.

Most of the dogs we home are brought in to us by our local vet. Some of them were brought in to be euthanised since their owners do not want them, or cannot take care of them. We aim to re-home all the dogs staying in our shelter, and take care of them until we do. People can help us through many ways, such as donations of food or money, becoming foster parents, sponsoring sterilisations or vaccinations, etc.

Help us to help all those animals in need in the Western Cape by visiting our Facebook page and assisting us in finding suitable homes for our shelter dogs.

What we do

At Megs Mutts Rescue, our main priority is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted, neglected, or abused animals. We take in all kinds of animals, but specialise in dogs, and take care of them until we find their forever homes. We are a no-kill, no-cage shelter, offering a loving, temporary home to local dogs.

To raise enough funds to sustain the animals in our shelter, to make sure that they are healthy, warm and fed, we have an online shop where we sell a range of pet goodies, including pet accessories, and accessories for humans. Buying these products allows us to take care of one more animal in our shelter.



We sell:

  • Books on training pets, behaviour, breeding, general care, etc.
  • Cages
  • Carriers
  • Dog beds
  • Leashes
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Toys
  • Jewellery
  • Décor items

For more information on how you can donate, or how to adopt, feel free to visit our website, or get in touch with us directly.

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